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Yep, I got'em and they are spreading. I've heard that kalk paste is good but won't that affect alk? Anybody killed them off successfully?.

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Crap, just found three small colonies of these on different rocks, any way to kill them that does involve removing the rocks?.

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Hydroids come in many shapes and sizes. . Have 2 small colonies that I can see. Tried kalk . I still say just leave them, why kill new reef life?.

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Right I have colonial hydroids and a couple of pieces of rock i have is a bunch see below that are in and around corals and i dont want to kill.

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yeah i boiled my rock that had them, but then all the little clams that were on my live rock died and the rock stinks now so i have it sitting in a.

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So I have come up with a list of possible ways to kill hydroids. I would love you guys input on this. I have a flowerpot colony that got infested and.

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I have had the rock since , so did not want to destroy it or leave it out in the .. I had the same colonial hydroids as shown in your picture.

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I had colonial hydroids once. Remove everything hydroids could, live on rock, Then start over with dry . It will kill most of what's on the rock.

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I believe I have colonial hydroids on a piece of Live Rock. I have heard that a Hydnophora will kill them is this true?? Any other ways of getting.