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Iron shirts from the collar down. When you iron a shirt, you should start at the collar. Start at the.

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A quick guide on how to iron your clothes in just 10 steps! Additional clothing care tips on how to achieve the ironed look without the ironing.

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How to iron a man's dress shirt in 10 easy steps. It just takes a couple of minutes to have crisp, clean shirts to look your best.

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Take the hassle out of ironing clothes with these simple tricks. Learn how to iron shirts, slacks, skirts, and dresses and step out in freshly ironed.

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Ironing your clothes can smooth out the wrinkles and make a garment more presentable. Many clothes are made ready to wear, but you will still find some items.

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But since you can't step out of the house wearing wrinkly clothes, here are few tips on how to iron clothes with a steam iron. You'll be needing.