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My question is. do I ditch all of the Duragilt that I bought and buy new foundation or do I install it and run the risk that the bees don't like it and.

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Beekeeping offers many types of foundations for frames such as plastic, wax and comb Rarely can I get an even frame of comb off of Duragilt foundation. means a lot of disassembly and cleaning, pulling out nails, and removing the wires.

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Next we will look at a couple of frames that had Duragilt foundation placed I set up my hives last night(one 8 frame and one 10 frame).

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So I decided to buy the frames and foundation, unassembled, locally, top bars and grooved bottom bars, and my foundation is Duragilt, a very thin Install the foundation by first slipping it into the grooved bottom bar (make.

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But I'm not settling for plastic foundation again for my bees. Read why here. Removing the last piece of wacky comb with my hive tool. The bees . Wax, heavy plastic, Duragilt, and foundationless are represented for sure.

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I was thinking of using some Duragilt foundation for a new split I'm starting, for .. to install, if its a one piece frame, take it out of the box and put it in the super.

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hives assembled and a location to put the hives selected before the bees arrive. with Duragilt foundation as well as crimpwired foundation without hooks.

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It looks like Duragilt will offer the same strength as Pierco and easy to install. Plus ,I won't have to coat the foundation with wax. Another.

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I have been using Duragilt Foundation for a few years now and am going and installed prewaxed Rite cell foundation in supers fo four hives.