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Installing Coffee-script on Ubuntu. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

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sudo apt-get install nodejs npm && sudo npm install coffee-script. Ubuntu Oneiric: official package (sudo apt-get install coffeescript) Ubuntu , , ppa:gias-kay-lee/coffeescript (instructions).

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i recommend using nvm (node version manager). it helps maintaining several versions of node and switching between them. it is also less OS intrusive.

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EDIT: I installed nodejs via NVM ( version manager). . npm install -g grunt npm WARN deprecated coffee-script@ CoffeeScript.

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How to Install Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu C#, Python, Jade, PHP, XML, Batch, F#, DockerFile, Coffee Script, Java, HandleBars.

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The Atom text editor now is easy to install in Ubuntu and higher via the Snap package. Atom is a It is written in CoffeeScript and Less.

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MacOS X ยท Enide for Linux x64 You can also install Nodeclipse/Enide plugins into Aptana Studio (see issue #), Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio, STS Spring Tool Suite (CoffeeScript plugin works fine with Eclipse platform.).

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Grunt and Grunt plugins are installed and managed via npm, the package Gruntfile: This file is named or and is used to.

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Whether to install a package globally or locally depends on the global Install it globally, and then npm link coffee-script or npm link express (if.

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To install, make sure you have a working version of the latest stable version of Node and NPM (the Node Package Manager) and then run.