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You should use the misoprostol even if you have had bleeding after taking mifepristone in our office. You will insert 4 misoprostol pills into your vagina.

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The purpose of this study is to assess the efficacy and safety of the , and mcg Misoprostol Vaginal Insert (MVI , MVI and MVI ) for women.

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The recommended dose of misoprostol is mcgs (4 mcg tablets) inserted vaginally.1 Study results have demonstrated that vaginal.

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mcg intravaginal misoprostol ( women) in the study group and mg . (Group A) received microgram misoprostol (two mcg misoprostol tablets) in be inserted without resistance at the beginning of the surgical procedures.

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Step 1: Insert four mcg tablets (or their equivalent) deeply into the vagina OR more mcg tablets of misoprostol 3 to 12 hours after the second vaginal.

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Taking Misoprostol can soften your cervix, the lower part of your uterus You will be taking Misoprostol to help: Vaginally: Put the tablets into your vagina.

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Women were randomized to misoprostol (n=86) or placebo (n=93) and had two μg misoprostol tablets or two placebo tablets placed in the.