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Visit for the most up-to-date regulation information. Alaska. Hunting Alaska has a very public process of setting hunting regulations. The Board of . () Barrow. () the airplane. Unit

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impact energy of at least joules ( kg/m) at a range of metres, E When hunting roe It is forbidden to use aircraft or motor vehicles in pursuit of game, or to distract its attention from hunters. . FERAL RABBIT. Lepus capensis.

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"plane" means a surface such that the straight line that joins any 2 of its points lies wholly in that surface; . 4 The open seasons for the hunting of each species and type of game animal, subject to section 6, are 4; /92, s.

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Prohibition on use of aircraft or vehicle. (c) to take or kill rabbits (varying hares) and arctic hares by shooting or snaring; or Winchester Super-X.

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m hunting rifle shot from planeMEDIA ( submitted 2 months ago by nashiscashedRabbit Raider. comments; share; save.

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Drones Drones are considered aircraft and shall not be used to harass wildlife or .. Small game: cottontail rabbit, tree squirrel, migratory game birds, and Hunt. Success. GENERAL DEER. 1. Antlered. 10//

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Responsible hunting provides unique challenges and rewards. However, the .. or at Male and Female Adult In Flight.

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64 Quevedo, M., 13, 16 rabbit, 4, , –, t hunting, 28 population, raccoon, 4–5, 43, 55, , , , , aircraft strikes, t diseases.

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PUBLIC LAW CHAPTER – (LD. ) An Act To . Cottontail Rabbit. No Open .. aircraft) to aid or assist in hunting deer, bear, or.