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I'm going to offer an alternate setup which may be more viable, and gives Smeargle more of a chance to survive. Like you mention, Sturdy.

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on, but that failed. Is there any other way to do it, besides hacking? shedinja moves give the user health when used on a Sturdy Shedinja?.

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However, with the right strategy, you can make Shedinja nearly from Regenerator) and Audino uses Entrainment to give Shedinja Sturdy.

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He said that Sturdy Shedinja was distributed and that the steps to do that would make Shedinja lose accuracy but I just couldn't deal damage.

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Linoone uses bestow/switcheroo (depends if shedinja has its sash still, I assume it wont). So what does Linoone give it? Safety goggles will.

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This Rock/Fairy carbuncle can co-operate with this team to make Shedinja a living nightmare you could make a pokemon with sturdy 'skill swap' with shedinja.

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+ role play (copy Sturdy from Magnezone) + entertainment (give Sturdy to Shedinja) + protect + thunder wave - Magnezone - Sturdy (Air baloon).

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First, can you make a ==Pokedex entries== thing over the anime Pokedex entries , and second, Will a shedinja take no damage if it has sturdy as it's ability?.

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That is so fucking evil. I love it!! Also that Taunt at along with False Swipes AND Final Gambit was so hilarious to me for some reason. Not to mention that he .

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Now, I've loved the idea of Sturdy Shedinja for a long time, and finally I worked out a way to make it happen. So, here's how it works. You have.