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Each day and week, the total number of votes received are counted and the Top display Top Woozen based on the votes they receive or/and specific contests.

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Woozworld is a virtual world for kids age 9+. It's where kids canchat, trade, design , buy, earn, and hang echographapp.comrld is when ucould text go on a tour and.

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In my opinion beex has become the most used money system Just select a random woozen and vote him; you will get a good amount of beex.

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Don't waste ur votes! now ur votes worth wooz, u will have to search everyday in the Eventz for the word "vote" or the word "bank" and find the "Vote 10 get

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Woozworld is a virtual world for tweens and teens. But, have you Make sure you get a rich prize to give away, or else people will call you a scammer. You can .

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When your hosting this stuff, you get a whole lot off friend requests! Top Models , Banks (Like the vote ten times get twenty Wooz) and also free wooz games!.

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told me she had Woozworld along time ago but never went on it again it has beex get it before its gone; Stats: 77% success rate; votes; 2 months old.

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Use YOUR votes! Voting can get you 3 Prestige Points! Ask for votes! One vote can get you 1 Prestige Point! Collect Collectiblez, they can give you Prestige.