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As I was watching some streams from console I saw people playing race maps on maps made by players so how to play/create them on PC?.

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To play on custom maps, you currently have to go through the Rockstar Social Club website, which if you're playing online, then select "games", "Grand Theft Auto V", "GTA online" and then "jobs". I believe you can make a playlist of races , if I'm not mistaken. protected by Community♢ Oct 5 '15 at

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Any forums or anything for cool races? 5 points (78% upvoted) Get an ad- free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

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Create custom Deathmatches and Races with the latest free update to To get started, access the Creator option from the Online tab of the.

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Cunning Stunts has already delivered 27 death-defying Stunt Races of new and outlandish custom Races with today's launch of the Stunt Race Creator. For some general guidance to get you started on constructing and.

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Published 5 years, 2 months ago about Grand Theft Auto 5 you to create custom events with three particular races – Race, GTA Race and Rally Race. Yes, you can finally set up that Wave Race-style get-together you always wanted.