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How to Get Bubble Gum out of Clothes. Though it tastes good when you're chewing it, gum can be a pain when it pops up in unexpected places like the bottom.

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Acquire some Goof Off. Goof off is a heavy-duty stain and spot remover that works well on gum. It's available at most hardware stores.

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Try these tried-and-true tricks for removing chewing gum and its residue from jackets, jeans, everything. Whether you're at work, home, or on.

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Sat in some chewing gum in your raw denim jeans? Don't worry, we to remove) . If still some gum stuck, use toothpick or butter knife to pick off.

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Your child somehow got gum on his clothing, and you're wondering how to get it out. All you need to get gum out of clothing is a bit of ice. But don't wait too long.

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With the right tricks, removing chewing gum from fabric can actually be very easy! Read on for 3 great tips on how to get chewing gum out of clothes.

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And as you rub the gum to scrape it off, it stretches and sticks to another part of your jeans or even onto your hands. Chewing gum can be so.