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Actually bit encryption is outdated and more and more bit cipher suites get disabled. It is better if website use bit or higher.

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I can find only bit Firefox. The bit refers the encryption strength as the bit and bit is the OS or Operating System whether Windows.

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Firefox does support bit encryption and even bit if site This is the message I get when I try to log on to this site so who ever is saying.

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I need bit encryption capability on my web browser in order to use a specific financial website for bill paying, The site's encryption test.

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You don't have to do anything to enable bit encryption; if the page you're on is using bit Tell the bank about Firefox, and get User Agent Switcher.

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If you find that your browser does not support bit encryption, you will need to upgrade your In Firefox, this option is not visible until connected to a site.

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List of browsers that support bit and bit encryption Firefox 8+, Windows XP/7+ Mac OSX, AES bit. Firefox 4, Windows XP, Vista, , Win 7 Below are links to get up to date information from browser vendors.

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How can I tell which browsers support bit and bit sessions? Firefox 4, Windows XP, Vista, , Win 7, AESbit. Firefox

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From the drop down menu, select About Mozilla Firefox. See the Version Number in Firefox Users: All versions of Mozilla Firefox support bit encryption.

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Safari, FireFox, Chrome all support more than bit encryption. See my other reply.. looks like I have to get a different computer to work with.