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A map of the Hawaiian Islands, and a picture of a Southwest Airlines employee. interisland service, so you can fly between the Hawaiian Islands with us, too.

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The first Southwest Hawaii flight to Honolulu took place on February 5, , from He depicted a scenario where a plane arrives one day, spends a day flying.

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Southwest Airlines new flights to Hawaii coming this winter Photo: LM Otero, . Will you fly Southwest to Hawaii, or take advantage of low fares.

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When will Southwest fly to Hawaii? Which airports are they planning on flying to/ from? While we don't have the exact answers, we can provide.

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Southwest Airlines to Begin Flights to Hawaii in with Lower Fares “We wouldn't be so bold as to say we'll start flying in October or November or July of.

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Aside from the remaining hurdles Southwest must clear with the FAA to get ETOPS authorization to fly to Hawaii, Southwest's plans also could.

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In fact, the initial departure dates have yet to be released. While you won't be able to fly Southwest to Hawaii in October, you may be able to.

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When Southwest Airlines announced plans to start flying to Hawaii last year, Hawaiian Airlines was ready. Now, with the start of Southwest's.

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Southwest will soon start flying to Hawaii! Some astute flight trackers noticed a peculiar flight operated by Southwest. Flown as SWA, the.

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Southwest Airlines new Hawaii flights stalled by government shutdown .. It has only said that it will initially fly to Hawaii from four California.