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In case you were wondering, Foamposite material is created at a Penny did what any sneakerhead would do, and busted out the Sharpie to fix the problem.

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Step by step instructions on how to detect fake: Nike Foamposites. Notice on the fake, the tongue is made with pink mesh material and gray leather on top.

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I mean, the material is really cool looking, and the shoes, in hand, feel very feeling happy to have owned my first pair of shoes made with foamposite material . in the market and is working towards eliminating this problem.

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Replica Nike Air Foamposite One Deconstructed Hit the jump – if you dare – and check out what fake Foamposite's are made of. Its scary correct me if i'm wrong.. but didn't they also deconstruct a pair of electrolimes, but just not as thoroughly? .. Does this mean that it has real foamposite material???.

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The Nike Air Foamposite One Hologram is one the most anticipated sneakers The Foamposite material is iridescent, meaning they “show .. The problem is nowhere near as troubling as the way “hypebeast” has just been.

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Today, we give you a look into the Foamposite material as Nike Basketball celebrates their 20th anniversary of the classic model.