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A complete guide detailing how to Fix Laser Burn on your favourite games. We also talk tips and tricks to avoiding laser burning your newer.

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If you own an XBox you'll know what a laser-burn is. He seems to think that there is a way to fix it. He related it to the data recovery on a.

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If you've accidentally jiggled your Xbox while a game was playing (or maybe your pet did), you might experience the Perfect ring scratches - or a laser burn.

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So I bought a Xbox Slim back around The problem however is while I was gaming, it managed to tip over. I then discovered that it.

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I used some Monster Clean screen cleaner on my 'laser burned' games, and now When will M$ admit there is a problem with 's laser burning disks? its.

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If your is laser burning games wihtout being moved though, I think you may burn/scratch and with most cases, toothpaste will not suffice to fix the disc.

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The question is almost always “What should I do to treat laser burns? There is not anything on line that can replace direct medical attention.

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PLEASE HELP IVE GOT LASER BURN ON MY MW3 DISC IVE DONE There is no way of fixing The perfect circle, it happen to my Halo 3.

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GUIDE ON LASER BURN Laser Burn is when the laser from your Xbox Console, just saying, also there are Official support pages about this problem.