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In the case of a hypothesis test for the population mean, the test statistic turns out Typically, if the test statistic Z is positive, you want to find the probability that Z.

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In “Hypothesis Test for a Population Mean,” the claims are statements about a population mean. But we will see that the steps and the logic of the hypothesis test.

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where x is the sample mean, μ is the hypothesized population mean in the null You can find the Sample Size Calculator in Stat Trek's main menu under the.

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Calculate z-statistic of a population mean. a hypothesized mean from the null hypothesis to a sample mean, when the population standard deviation is known.

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A hypothesis about a population mean can be tested when sampling is from any of the Therefore, we calculate a z score and use it to test the hypothesis.

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We therefore need to determine the likelihood of observing a sample mean of or higher when the true population mean is (i.e., if the null hypothesis is.

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This section shows how to test the null hypothesis that the population mean is equal to The first step is to determine the sampling distribution of the mean.