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How to Make a Zookeeper Costume (6 Steps) | eHow. The best costume guide for dressing up like Professor Shelly Oberon played by Jack Black from the.

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A: As a zookeeper, the clothes you wear must meet the dress code of the zoo or In some situations, like entering animal habitats, you may wear protective gear.

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Our DIY zoo keeper costume was so fun and easy to put together, and Polo shirt: Go for a solid, nature-inspired color like tan, olive green, or orange. This costume went right into our dress-up bin after Halloween, and got.

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A zookeeper costume is a simple costume for kids or adults. You May Like: Trace the word "Zoo" on felt using a stencil and marker in a size small enough to fit on a If you have a dog, dress him up as a zoo animal and bring him with you.

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The best Idea I have without actually having to score an actual uniform, get a pair of green or beige cargo shorts, a shirt like the one below.

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I was reading a silly online "life hacks" and it suggested you can get better pictures at a zoo if you dress like a zookeeper. It kind of makes sense.

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To make the vest look a little more like a zookeeper, I printed a Ft. Worth Zoo make great items for dress-up play or even great Christmas gifts!.