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Fairy-kei is a fashion style that's been around for quite some time, and isn't a new trend by any means. It originated in the late 90's, when fashionista and fashion.

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Make yourself Kawaii with this awesome Japanese fashion inspired style from Akihabara: Fairy Kei.

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Fairy Kei – The Pastel Princesses Of Japan. by Yutaka. Japanese street fashion might look a little random to the untrained eye, but there are.

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Where to buy Fairy Kei fashion online and DIY fashion tips. A fun thing about Fairy Kei is that you're encouraged to wear huge, funky glasses.

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The Clothes & The 'Silhouette'; Texture & Color Palettes Like other street styles, fairy-kei has a bit of a frump, a layering look that comes off as.

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However you can still dress up cute, you can still look Kawaii while trying Fairy Kei ("Fairy Fashion") is a Japanese Street fashion made out of.