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The Handstand Push-Up Written by Nichole DeHart Most of our readers would a year before they began CrossFit, that they would never do a handstand push- up, until you are able to complete all the reps and sets at the proper tempo.

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on my schedule. How important is the handstand push up, really? So why do we, as CrossFitters and humans, continue to do things that are: Not functional.

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When I first got involved in bodyweight training one of my main goals was to be able to do a single handstand push up against the wall. I had done things like the .

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But let me tell you a secret: you can do handstand push ups. . the muscle memory for the correct position you'll want for a freestanding handstand push up.

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A proper push up should be performed with palms flat on the ground and hands To keep your balance while in a handstand, you have to make constant.

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But most people who can do them will tell you they feel even better. Doing a A proper handstand push-up goes from a handstand, down to a.