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DROP TRIGGER removes an existing trigger definition. To execute this command , the current user must be the owner of the table for which the trigger is defined.

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PostgreSQL drop Trigger command syntax and tool documentation and information.

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The proper way is the only one. Use drop trigger, even if the deleting from pg_trigger seems to work fine. In fact it does not. After you manually delete an entry.

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This tutorial shows you how to manage PostgreSQL trigger including To remove an existing trigger definition, you use DROP TRIGGER statement as follows.

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To create a new trigger in PostgreSQL, you need to: Create a trigger function The event could be INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE or TRUNCATE. You can define .

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Adding a TRIGGER to a PostgreSQL table that will delete old records after a certain time.

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By building DML code into PostgreSQL, we can avoid duplicate entry to a before delete trigger function and so define corresponding stored.

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A trigger is a set of actions that are run automatically when a specified change operation (SQL INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE or TRUNCATE.

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Of course, INSERT triggers cannot refer to OLD and DELETE triggers cannot The CREATE TRIGGER statement in PostgreSQL implements a subset of the.

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One of the common data integrity issues that can happen in a database is the unintended deletion of a row. Here is how to create a DELETE.