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You can remove an app or game you've added from your settings.

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Facebook Mobile and Desktop Apps Removing Apps. How do I block or unblock an app or game? How do I remove an app or game that I've added?.

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Simply deleting the app won't be enough to get rid of Tinder You may login again with your phone number or Facebook account, but doing so.

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You can do this from both the Tinder mobile app and the Tinder website. Keep in Does deleting my Facebook account delete my Tinder account too? wikiHow.

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But, what will deleting Facebook do to your dating apps? "You can sign up for Tinder using either your Facebook account or your phone.

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Here's how to check which apps have access to your Facebook may even use Facebook to log into services like Spotify, Netflix, or Tinder.

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On Android: Log out of the Facebook app and log back in using your preferred account. Go to your phone's Settings > Apps > Tinder > Data > Clear Data.

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How do I temporarily hide my profile? Discovery is the part of the app where you get to swipe other users. You can turn Discovery off so that you won't be shown.

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Learn how to delete Tinder forever with this step-by-step guide and improve your internet privacy! Tinder is a free, location-based mobile dating app. Facebook account is required for each Tinder profile); Your physical.