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Apr 10, I created a static “homepage” to be my front page- but the theme I set has a default “home” link that doesn't lead anywhere- and I don't know.

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Jul 3, It's funny how certain things can slip between the cracks — the seemingly inconsequential that wind up causing us a fraction of a second.

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Jun 5, I want my page to be more static so I created page Home and set it as Front Second question is related to the top menu/navigation bar. Panel > Appearance > Menus and remove the custom link Home from the menu.

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How to Remove the Home Page Button From a WordPress Blog. by David Weedmark in WordPress. Make a Second Tier Horizontal Navigation in WordPress.

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I created a new blank home screen and accidentally created a second one. How do I delete an unwanted blank home screen page? I tried tap.

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Apr 6, I am guessing you mean the second slide, not the second slider. Good question. The controls I expect are not obviously available. It looks like.

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Jun 24, Frustrated by trying to delete a blank page in Word that just won't go away? In the drop-down menu next to Section start, make sure that New.

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Multiple home pages can weigh down your browser's launch times, especially You can delete any undesirable home page websites, and start each browsing.

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To add another home screen/panel to your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 for more apps /games, view this info. If you're having other issues with your phone or device.

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Sep 19, Hi sgmretb, next time you are on the Options page, remove its address from your home page setting before closing the page. Here's what I.