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For Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs It's also launchable when staggered so really, if you want to kill it without I specifically said I'm on the Ultimate Lair, which means I'm on day

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To be honest I had no problems with Earth Eater Omega at all. I couldn't beat Gurangatch Omega because I lacked the damage to beat it.

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Trying to do the Ultimate Lair and ran into this beastie. It feels like it's impossible to kill. While his carapace is up, everything deals 1 damage.

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This guide will help you to and through the Ultimate Lair and defeat the superboss Ereshkigal on your first playthrough in Normal mode. LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII . Floor 9: Gurangatch Omega.

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Guide Guide info Forum category for Each floor up to 28 has a Last One enemy unless already defeated in the For a large enemy, the Gurangatch is probably the easiest one of the lot.

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Gurangatch is an enemy from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The Slaughterhouse version is called Iron Wall Gurangatch. Gurangatch has a lot of defense.

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Gurangatch Ω is a Last One enemy from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII that appears when Gurangatch is slow to attack and nothing in its arsenal is especially damaging. Ultimate Lair (Floor 9) . Fuzzy Wool Shawl (Third defeat ).

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After completing the Dead Dunes section of Lightning Returns, you'll be plenty to be done before you fight the region's ultimate boss, the Grendel. Head to the next location marker and defeat the Gurangatch enemy, then.