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LEGO Harry Potter at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and When you find yourself battling the Basilisk, tend to the fight as normal.

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If you look to the sides of the arena, you'll see a few piles of grayish rocks. Wait for the basilisk to target you with his laser vision, and as it.

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You need to stand by the rocks on the sides of the lake and have the basilisk slam down on them. This will kill 2 of his hearts since there are 2.

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Well, you have to make a potion in order to defeat the Basilisk. And you need 3 ingredients for that, but we'll get back to that later. First, you have to make him.

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Use the strength potion to pull the chain to the left. With Fawkes the Phoenix released, he'll fly in to drop a hat on top of the statue and pluck out.

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how to defeat the basilisk in lego harry potter year two for the ipad lego harry potter years ipad defeat the basilisk. Apple iPad Forum.

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Have Harry use Parseltongue to open the chamber and let you through. Have the basilisk destroy the rocks to the left, open the rock, kill the Year Two, Level Three: Crabbe And GoyleIn "Lego Harry Potter: Years ".

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I defeat Tom Riddle's snake in the Chamber of Secrets?, LEGO Harry you get to the top and then pick up the sword and it'll kill the basilisk.

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LEGO Harry Potter: Years The Basilisk () - LEGO Harry Potter: Years guide. Switch to another character then use LuSo to kill the vine. This will open .

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Looking a Basilisk directly in the eye will immediately kill the victim, but indirect . In LEGO Harry Potter: Years , the basilisk is male because it has a red.