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Plastic, or faux-wood, molding is a common alternative to standard wood. The same tools and methods used for cutting wood molding work well with plastic.

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Chair rails not only protect your walls, they add both warmth and visual interest as well. Cut one piece of molding for each stretch of wall, remembering to use.

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Measure and cut any miters for the chair rail, especially if you are turning any corners that are not 90º. If you have such a corner, look for an angle measuring.

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It is fence made from plastic PVC. Start by putting a stake in the Put the first piece in flat and then cut it straight down. Then, grab more . Traditionally installing a chair rail is intended to protect the wall from the chair. Chair rails can also.

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Installing Chair Rail: Chair rail moulding is a great way to spruce up a room and Where the molding meets, cut each piece at a 45 degree angle such that they.

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To cut the chair rail, you'll need a miter saw and a coping saw with extra blades ( they break easily). A finish nailer isn't absolutely necessary but will give you.

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By following these straightforward instructions, you can install chair rail molding in a When considering how much to buy, make allowances for miter cuts and.