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EasyStereogramBuilder is a simple app that lets you generate magic eye The web app also lets you create your own text-based stereogram.

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Uploading pictures of your self will not get you a readable stereogram unfortunately. Also you can create text-based stereograms so you can send secret.

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I used STMaker, a freeware stereogram creation program. It can be downloaded at: . I put a stereogram that I maked with a text editor. With my method I can.

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Message Stereogram Generator. Type in your text bellow then click the button, and a Hidden Image Stereogram will be generated from your text. Message.

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Stereograms are 3D images that are hidden in a 2D image. In this post I will quickly run through how you can create 3D images. Create Text Stereograms.

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This site allows to generate your own stereograms, based on one or two lines of text and a selected background pattern. If you don't know what a stereogram.