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Put those decorative pumpkins to use! With just a little effort, you can get a generous amount of nutritious fresh pumpkin for all your favorite.

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Here's a simple guide on how to roast, puree and freeze a pumpkin. Save money and stock up on healthy pumpkin now, so you can enjoy it all.

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To make your own pumpkin puree, pumpkins need to be cooked, are well drained after cooking, then drain the puree again before storing.

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How to Cook a Pumpkin to Have Pumpkin Puree to Freeze for Recipes Later Directions for Making Pumpkin Filling from Scratch To Freeze or Use Fresh.

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Cook a fresh pumpkin for pies, muffins and cakes – it's easy! and the freezer and canner – have to get all that fresh produce taken care of.

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Learn how to freeze pumpkin in raw chunks and in cooked puree to easily use in soups and recipes.

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Homemade pumpkin puree is easy, just simple bake, or boil and puree! How to Cook Pumpkin – ever wondered how to cook a fresh pumpkin.

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Just kidding on the Harold thing; we actually bought a fresh turkey. storing up pumpkin puree in my freezer, in approximately one-cup quantities. Place pumpkin pieces on a baking sheet (face up or face down; I've done.