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Using whatever computer is currently available to you, you can establish a remote connection to your home computer. You can use your apps, files and network.

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With Remote Desktop Connection, you can connect to a computer running Windows from another computer running Windows that's connected.

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Solution: PSExec \\$computer cmd /c echographapp.comxec \\$computer cmd /c Sky's the limit. But most of my computers get reformatted before defrag.

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Windows Remote Desktop is among the most common. You can also use Secure Shell to open a command line connection or other proprietary.

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Once resources are shared from one computer, other Windows computers can use DOS (through the "cmd" program) to map those shared resources to local.

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First off you need to share some folder on the remote computer. If you don't do this the security programs in Windows will simply refuse to connect. If there's.

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Checkout the MS tool psexec (used to be sysinternals). From: http://technet. Usage: psexec.

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If you want to connect to network share on the remote computer, use this: The device will have a one-letter name, and the command will tell.