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You can get a full list of comparison operators with help test. . compare_nums() { # Function to compare two numbers (float or integers) by using awk.

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In this tutorial on Bash scripting, we are going to learn to do comparisons. We will be discussing numeric, strings & file comparisons in a Bash.

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Yes, we have two different ways for comparing two integers. It seems that this facts are not widely accepted in this forum: Inside the idiom [ ] the.

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I am new Unix/Linux user. I am learning shell scripting. How can I compare numbers in bash shell? You need to use the test command to.

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The test command can perform various numeric comparison using the following operators: Operator, Syntax, Description, Example. eq, INTEGER1 -eq.

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Hi, I am just trying to compare integer in ksh. can you please tell me what's wrong with this code or give me suggestions on alternative.

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A binary comparison operator compares two variables or quantities. Note that integer and string comparison use a different set of operators. integer comparison .

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root@server1 [/]#./ss3./ss3: [: integer expression expected root@server1 [/]# cat ss3 #!/bin/bash X= Y= empty_string="" if [ X.

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Something like this: act="add" if [[ $act = "add" ]] then echo good else echo not good fi. -eq is for number comparison, use = for string.