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Well I happen to have windows 10, and I have a volume mixer. So just mute the game from there, I guess. Not that I would recommend it, the.

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In this guide I will show you how to adjust the volume of undertale so your experience with this amazing game isn't plagued with awful noise.

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Undertale You cannot adjust volume in-game, you have to minimize the game and adjust sound volume The volume mixer will do the trick.

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Is there a way to adjust the game volume? The game is way too loud compared to other stuff I have running in the background. And if I adjust.

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Is there a settings menu I'm missing? sound cards, adjusting the volume mixer's slider for Undertale has no effect on volume whatsoever.

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I suspect this works in other apps that have an independent volume So if you want to change the volume of iTunes or Spotify, skip tracks.

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Materia Collective's official UNDERTALE Piano arrangement collection was arranged by David Peacock and features a beautiful illustrated cover b.

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On Windows, if I right-click on the volume icon and select the mixer, I can adjust the individual volume levels of applications or even mute them.

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Until today I never knew that you can actually adjust your Mac's volume in 1/4 increments by pressing Shift + Option (Alt) + the volume key on your keyboard.

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Audio options, Native, Notes. Separate volume controls. Surround sound. Subtitles. All speech is text. Closed captions. Mute on.