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I will explain how to create a stylized banner for your team in Dota 2. For this guide you will require Adobe Photoshop, GIMP or This guide will explain how to create a stylized banner for your team in Dota 2.

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With the new Team Matchmaking in place in DotA2, what better way to represent your team than with a base logo and a team banner.

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I would like to know how to add a team logo in Dota 2 like many teams r lately doing in the CM matches. Also any Dude they're just changing their avatar.

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Ingame banners, logo in base and teamlogo in lobby. It all shows. So sorry I can't be much . still no change in the new patch/update!!!:/ so sad.

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I made an album of profile pictures with the dota logo and countries flags, EDIT 2:done with dotes for now, back to flag making, also thanks for the gold redditors .. would look cool as hockey goalie pads for Canada's national team:D basically just add a texture layer and then change the transparency.

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We've had SC2 team icons around for a while now, and it's time we finally got on the wagon with this and added the same to the Dota forums.

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Dota 2 offers support and features for making teams. Team logo (used on in- game banners and base emblem); Team tag/abbreviation; Country.