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local function centerText(text) local x,y = echographapp.come() local x2,y2 = term. getCursorPos() echographapp.comsorPos( / 2) - (text:len() / 2)).

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How can you center 'read()' text to the middle of the screen X before the I know how to do this when a user has typed the text AND pressed.

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Usage: printc("Test", 9). The above would print "Test" in the middle of line 9:D. ]] function printc(Text, Line). local x, y = echographapp.come().

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I need a really simple code, as simple as it can get on showing text onto a monitor.

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This is the script i'm using. What I want to do is output text to a 4 x 1 set of monitors, I want the text centered and scaled in size. However, i'm.

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You can freely define your own Auto-Type sequence: center text computercraft monitor. Introduction Monitors, monitors, and more monitors In.