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Maybe someone keeps on calling your cell phone under a restricted number, but nobody answers when you pick up. Or maybe someone is stalking you, but.

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If you have to call someone you don't like, or someone you don't want to have your phone number, you can make a restricted phone call. With a restriction, your .

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Yes, if you subscribe to Verizon Smart Family, you can block a restricted number from calling you. To block a restricted or private number from calling you.

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When you see “Restricted” appear on your caller ID, you are receiving a phone call from a restricted or blocked number. An individual can block.

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Most cell phone owners receive incoming restricted calls, sometimes to the point of harassment. Here's how to block restricted calls on Android.

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Finally, you can use the free Google Voice app to call using a number other than your own, The recipient will see something like "BLOCKED", "RESTRICTED".

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Dial *67 then the number, otherwise check Google for dialing codes for your carrier.

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Do you get random phone calls from a mysterious “Private Caller”? You are not Private Caller; Restricted; Blocked; Unknown; No Caller ID.

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This app lets you dial someone from a blocked or restricted number. Very helpful if you need to protect your personal cellphone number from.

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I have a strange call from +54 i did not answer I've call back then it says it's a restricted number.