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If your still on your probation I wouldn't call in sick with a cold IMO. 0 I should only need two days off, would a doctor be able to give me a sick note for such a.

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McDonald's is a family restaurant and our employees must reflect this image. piercing and cannot take out the piercing, you will have to take time off work until you . Should you fail to call in or report to work for a scheduled shift, it will be.

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McDonald's Sick Days, reported anonymously by McDonald's employees. I haven't needed to call in sick, but I've been told by others that they are usually.

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No blogspam, self-promotion, off-topic posts, or spam. . Of course I'll call in first thing in the morning with roughly ~5 hours of notice once more.

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Ask someone to cover the shift who doesn't already work that day or call off a minimum of 3 hours prior to start of shift.

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Employment Policies for McDonald's/Jedele Enterprises (6/20/08). Dependability Standards. 1. Requests for days off must be made on a request form /calendar at least two weeks in advance. 6. Openers-Try to call the night before.