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God i totally forgot what to do with this I need a program that allows my computer to think that the cd rom is in the disc tray cause i have a cd.

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Please insert the original disc instead of a backup (). How do the software/ game know if it on a virtual drive or the cd-rom anyway?.

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With these cracks, you'll never have to use a CD to play your games again! Sticking a gaming CD or DVD into your PC or laptop's optical drive might not seem . Explore more about: CD-DVD Tool, CD-Rom, Disk Image.

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After executing mount -t vfat /dev/sdb1 /cdrom, cd into the /cdrom directory and do an ls to see if Unplug your USB from system and re insert it.

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Using a PC that has a CD/DVD drive, extract an ISO image from your CD. Insert your game to the dvd drive and go back to your computer that does not have a drive How do I install a cd-rom only software on s computer without a cd drive?.

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hi, Go into device manager and under IDE controllers, go to properties for the Bus Master (it might be named differently for other chipsets) and.

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Right click that and select Virtual CD/DVD-ROM > E = No media > Mount image, Then select the file you wish to mount as the CD image (preferably ISO), and.

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There are some games that will only run with a CD inserted in the drive. But, there are CD emulator programs available that will get around this.