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Nik's Tip: Less experienced skiers can use slide sideways to go down a slope in a very steep traverse: Weight over the downhill ski with the.

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Who doesn't want to be abetter skier? Well we thought we'd ask Emma Cairns, one of our most experienced and knowledgable ski trainers.

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If you use the above exercises and get some good mileage then you should really start to At the end of each turn you should be balanced on your downhill ski.

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skier Become King of the mountain with these top tips Credit: Daniel . For beginners the facilities at UK slopes are great for learning the basics before heading.

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Can't skin up a mountain or drop off a massive cornice like a Warren Miller star? Five days of carefully planned resort skiing can get you closer.

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8 Tips to Take You From Intermediate to Expert Skier in One Season Wanna get off By definition, these individuals only get on the mountain for powder days and, Simply put: Ride with people who are better than you.

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Alec Blossom's job is to teach clients to ski better at Ski Portillo Ski School. Here are 5 mistakes he sees intermediate skiers make with tips to fix them. For the first few jumps, just go straight up and down to get used to the sensation. skier navigate a steep pitch is their laser-focused attention downhill.