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We administer the use of trademarks for North America's leading fraternities, sororities and honorary societies.

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Learn more about Greek Licensing or find answers to your specific questions Greek organizations' trademark rights have been affirmed by federal courts.

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The name (including the Greek letters), logos, emblems, nicknames, and A license involves signing an agreement (contract) with the organization(s) in which.

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You may not have given it much thought before, but the logos used by each When vendors are licensed through Greek Licensing, they receive an Official.

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Greek Licensing. likes. Affinity Marketing Consultants, Inc. administers the use of trademarks for North America's leading fraternities and.

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Merchandise branded with the logos and insignias of fraternities and sororities are popular products sold by businesses that cater to college students. Many of.

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Licensed vendors are part of a select group of approved vendors who work in the best by your groups National Headquarters to sell their trademarked logos.