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A Backside Lipslide, also known in snowboarding circles as the Back Lip, is a very stylish street style jib trick. Before attempting some Back Lip's, make sure you.

football match london tomorrow what on Often confused with the frontside boardslide the backslide lipslide a.k.a. 'back lip' is arguably even more.

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Rails have been a part of snowboarding ever since skating made its first pioneers have to be considered for best ever backside lipslide.

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How to Backside Lipslide! Here's a how to with Nick Dirks on how to do a proper bs lip. Watch this shop the lastest in snowboarding.

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Do you want to learn a BS Lipslide? Here you'll find a skateboard trick tip video of the Backside Lipslide and a step by step guide with images.

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ok a lip slide is where your back binding goes over the rail so a FS lipslide looks like a BS boardslide and vice versa. a blunt is where you jump.