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The first thing you want to do in QuickBooks is create a "Joint Checks - Clearing" bank account. While not a real bank account, it will be used as a clearing.

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A QuickBooks for contractors tip about receiving and applying joint checks from a general contractor to pay a lower tier subcontractor or.

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Customer Payment for QuickBooks Two-Party Check Pay Bills in QuickBooks for Two Party Checks the glass place a lesser amount and the check comes joint for the full amount (more than I am obligated to pay my vendor) time you pay them, you will see the credit and apply it to your next payment.

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Recording a joint check QuickBooks Pro Forum. You will go to Receive Payments and enter the payment and apply it to the invoice they owe.

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Ask the Expert - Joint Checks. Q - I have a question regarding how you would handle the posting of a joint check to accounts payable. In the construction industry.

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Issuing Joint Checks. The easiest way to issue a joint check is to enter the bill and pay the bill as usual. Procedures for writing a check will work in the same way.

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Any info on Joint Check agreements? I created an invoice to bill my customer for material from a vendor, but I will just be passing the check on.

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There might be times when a check is issued in two parties names. This posts describes how to record dual-party checks in QuickBooks. a credit to apply to the unpaid bill for the vendor (the other party the check is issued to).

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There is no way to change the order in which QuickBooks applies the The total in this case should be the total amount of the joint check.

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Transfer an amount from one A/R account to another AR account. Allocate overhead expenses to customers or classes using a zero check.