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Overview: PLS™-5 Spanish is an interactive assessment that captures Completion Time: minutes (Spanish Administration Only); minutes ( Dual.

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Lastly, the manual cautions that although Spanish-speaking paraprofessional staff may be trained to administer the PLSSpanish and record.

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PLS-5 Spanish applies that research to all oral language domains. (semantic can I administer the English portion of PLS-5 Spanish only and.

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The dual language assessment approach used for bilingual children taking PLS- 5 Spanish involves administration of test items in both Spanish and English.

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PLS-5 Spanish targets oral language (semantic and morphosyntactic skills) and administration of the PLS-4 Spanish, items the child missed in Spanish were.

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Steps in Administration: When administering the PLS-5 Spanish with bilingual children, administer the test items in Spanish, then re-administer only the ones.