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Official Chaco Site - Learn how to adjust the strap & webbings on your Chaco sandals for a comfortable and secure, customized fit.

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Chaco sandals are a summer staple, especially if you spend a lot of time on the trails or in the water. If you're new to Chaco, you might not realize that these.

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Sep 25, How To Adjust (Tighten and Loosen) Chacos Sandals With A Toe Loop. Finding the right sandals for outdoor pursuits and watersports can.

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How to Adjust Chacos with Toe Straps. Before you can go exploring in your new Chacos, you need to adjust the straps for Your sandals are pretty sturdy.

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That is the set on the top of the above diagram. Loosening is on the left, tightening is on the right. I will detail.

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These days, Chaco makes a number of models of high-quality, waterproof sandals.