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In my application webedit is disabled and unless i click on that particular text Join the best UFT Training Online! how to enable webedit.

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Thus, if you use an index value of 3 to describe a WebEdit test object, QTP searches for You can use the Object property to activate the internal methods of any.

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Hello, I am using QTP 10 with web based app with IE7. Activate WshShell. SendKeys "bla" Set WshShell = Nothing I think this is close to what.

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Having issues with QTP's click method against a WebElement? In this post, you'll Test Automation Made Easy: Tools, Tips & Training Awesomeness The FireEvent method is designed to trigger events in an application.

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Test Automation Made Easy: Tools, Tips & Training Awesomeness WebEdit(“ name:=MERGE0”).highlight Just looking at the QTP/UFT documentation you would think not, but it is, in fact, possible to read, get, write and set.

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QTP has a mechanism in place for cases exactly like this. If the recorded description does not enable QTP to identify the specified object in a.