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This is a shallow quiz. Someone who is shallow is a person who is conceited and self-centered. Do you want to know how shallow you are? Or if you are even.

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You're Deep You're a deep person, full of experience, thought, and a keeper of secrets. You're well-educated, if not by school, then by life. People rely on you.

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normal person: dude how can you be so shallow? 4. Poser Poser: obama sucks!! i hate him!! Normal Person: what are you talking about obama has done more.

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But the only way we're really going to be able to do anything about this is to first recognize our own shallow tendencies that we carry out every.

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Is there a shallow person in your midst? Here are 15 clear signs that someone cares more about the superficial and what other people think of.

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Question 3: How long after you break up with someone does another crush or relationship start with someone else?.