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I've just taken a Superdrug early test after a hr hold without a drink and have got I know they're really sensitive and I'm in shock tbh - I don't know whether it.

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11 products Shop the Pregnancy Tests range online at Superdrug. Find the latest offers Clearblue Digital Early Detection Pregnancy Test 2CT ยท No.

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Does anyone know the sensitivity level of these Superdrug tests? I've just Hopefully you get your BFP (big fat positive (pregnancy test)) on a better test xx. My baby is The early are 10mui the normal are 25mui The

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However, Superdrug itself markets its pregnancy tests. There are two kinds Superdrug Test sensitivity for hCG is the highest recorded. So the.

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So I couldn't wait so I did the other superdrug early and the line . Most other tests aren't as sensitive as these, unless they're CB early It could be you detected a super early pregnancy which didn't quite implant properly.

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Superdrug tests are one of the most sensitive on the market so don't be too . I did a superdrug early detection pregnancy test first tging this.

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I was just wondering after reading up about these pregnancy tests! If you test up to 4 days early as it states on the packet wouldyour BFP line be lighter of dye, However, Superdrug are very sensitive, about 15miu i think xxxx.

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I doubt they would be able to sell pregnancy tests that weren't reliable. But you False negatives not uncommon, due to early testing and inadequate sensitivity.

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AF was due on Saturday at 13 dpo and I took a superdrug early one and It's only sensitive to 20 (whatever the unit is) so I wouldn't risk any.