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District lines are redrawn every 10 years following completion of the United States census. In Texas, congressional and state legislative district boundaries are drawn by the state . Common state-level redistricting criteria are listed below.

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Redistricting is the process of redrawing legislative districts. Gerrymandering can subvert the democratic process when politicians select voters; and was the re-redistricting in Texas, where Democratic state legislators fled the state to .

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The Texas redistricting refers to a controversial mid-decade state plan that defined new After Republicans won control of the Texas state legislature in for the first time in years, they intended to in January , the Republican majority introduced legislation to redraw the court-drawn districts from

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The boundaries of the congressional districts are then redrawn by state requires the legislature to redistrict Texas house and senate seats during its first.

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As a practical matter, the legislature must draw districts for the congressional the regular session that is meeting when the decennial census is published.

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In most of these states, district lines pass just like regular legislation, with a and Texas -- there are special backup procedures to draw state district lines if the.