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The average cost to refinish hardwood floors is $ to $1, per square feet -- the average reported size of a kitchen in That cost can easily rise.

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Exploring the factors which affect the cost of refinishing a hardwood floor and price Average Price for New Hardwood Flooring Materials.

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Pricing and estimate guide (updated for ) for refinishing your hardwood floors. How much per square foot should you expect to pay if doing.

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Refinishing hardwood floors featuring exotic wood and different stains costs more . (Photo courtesy of the National Wood Flooring Association).

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Learn about the benefits of refinishing an existing wood floor and explore the average costs associated with such a project.

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The national average cost to refinish hardwood floors ranges from $ - $5, The wide range in prices reflects all the factors that impact.

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The cost to refinish hardwood floors is $ on average, or between $ to $ You can expect to pay $3 to $5 per square foot for wood floor refinishing.

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The cost to refinish wood floors depends on several factors, but the average professionally completed refinishing job costs $ to $ per.

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Hardwood refinishing cost guide. Hardwood is the most frequent flooring material for American homes. Natural wood provides exceptional aesthetical beauty to.

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Average cost cost to refinish hardwood floor is about $ - $ (sanding and finishing floor). Find here detailed information about.