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After tubal ligation, a woman's ovaries still release an egg each month, there is What happens to the egg if ovulation occurs but the fallopian tubes are closed?.

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But now I'm having irregular periods, which is pretty unusual for me. This sounds like a distressing problem, especially since you don't know what is causing you irregular periods. A tubal ligation prevents pregnancy by blocking the flow of sperm up into the fallopian tube and also.

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What is tubal ligation? Tubal ligation involves having minor surgery. However, if pregnancy occurs, a woman is more likely to have a tubal or may complain of irregular periods and menstrual cramping after sterilization.

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Menstrual Pattern following Tubal Ligation: A Historical Cohort Study . Metrorrhagia: Metrorrhagia is defined as vaginal bleeding occurring between the .

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Am J Epidemiol. Jun 15;(12) Menstrual function after tubal sterilization. Wilcox LS(1), Martinez-Schnell B, Peterson HB, Ware JH, Hughes JM.

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After you have your tubes tied, do you still have menstrual cycles- with bleeding?.

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The one thing doesn't have anything to do with the other. If you get a tubal ligation, the egg is still released, but it doesn't go anywhere.

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Some doctors have recommended hysterectomy instead to avoid the possibility. The menstrual condition even has a name: post-tubal-ligation syndrome. “After.

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Tubectomy is a surgical procedure that includes cutting some part of the Fallopian tubes and ligating its ends separately. This operation has no effect on the.