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The Quaternary glaciation, also known as the Pleistocene glaciation, is an alternating series of glacial and interglacial periods during the Quaternary period that began Ma (million years ago), and is ongoing. Although geologists describe the entire time period as an "ice age", in There is uncertainty over how much of Greenland was covered by ice during.

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The Pleistocene is the geological epoch which lasted from about 2,, to 11, years . Antarctica was ice-bound throughout the Pleistocene as well as the preceding Pliocene In the northern hemisphere, many glaciers fused into one.

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There have been at least five documented major ice ages during the billion years since the Earth was formed — and most likely many more.

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In general, however, Earth has been warm enough to be ice-free for much more of From the end of the Paleocene to the height of the Pleistocene Glaciation.

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Pleistocene is the period in Earth's history that we commonly refer to as the Ice Age. Through much of this period, the Earth's northern and southern regions were.

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This landform was deposited under an ice sheet during the last ice age Our understanding of the climate of the Pleistocene surged in the s when coring of Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available .

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The age of the oldest glacier ice in Antarctica may approach 1,, years old The age of the Are today's glaciers leftovers from the Pleistocene ice age?.

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Others may date from other post-Pleistocene colder climate events. Some, such as the glaciers in the summit craters of Mount Redoubt and Katmai Volcanoes.

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The most recent glacial period — the Pleistocene epoch or, simply the Ice Age As a result of the many glaciations on land and the subsequent release of.

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The Pleistocene Epoch is best known as a time during which extensive ice sheets the epoch is best recognized for glaciation and climatic change, many have.