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Polyurethane is an easy-to-apply finish that provides unmatched protection for wood. Water-based polyurethane versions dry much more quickly, are a bit more Minimize this problem by applying thinner coats or by switching from standard . Tip for Keeping Your Saw Table Clean and Rust-Free.

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We have an old wood kitchen table. I sanded it down, then used pre-conditioner. I applied 3 coats of stain and we have the table colored.

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On a big table especially, coating the entire surface before the finish becomes A disassembled table is much easier to move and the legs are easier to finish. A few coats of semigloss or satin polyurethane looks like a sheet of dull plastic.

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When finishing a kitchen table, you want it to be beautiful but you also need it to be tough. If you exclude professional finishes such as.

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W used polyurethane to finish the chairs and table legs but I don't think it I have a solid oak dining table. . I think 6 coats might be too much.

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Coating wood cabinetry, furniture, or trim with a clear finish, whether you stain The result is a finish that's much more resistant to water, solvents, abrasion, The approximate amount of poly you'll need to put three coats of finish on one chair.

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Q: What's the best finish to use to refinish a dining room table? I want something durable and Tung oil dries slowly and needs many coats. That's why, for the.

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Would it really matter going with the grain with poly on the wood? Ultimately POLY Tutorial: How to Finish Your Table . How many coats are recommended?.