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We're a nation of pet lovers – but have you ever wondered how many pets there actually are So we know how many dogs, cats and rabbits there are in the UK.

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The most popular individual pet owned in the United Kingdom is the dog, with 26 percent of people owning one. Leading pets, ranked by household ownership in the United Kingdom (UK) in /18 Any pet, 45%. Dogs, 26%. Cats, 18% . population in the United Kingdom (UK) ; Proportion of cat owners.

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We found it. And it's probably not where you think. Check how many cats are in your area.

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Nearly half of all British dog and cat lovers sleep with their pets despite in our survey, many pet owners get used to the smell of their animals.

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In a new U.K. study, researchers interviewed cat owners about their The findings show that while many cat owners worry about their pets.

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A whopping million guys in the UK now own a feline friend new pet owners may have been influenced by celebrity cat-lovers like Russell.

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While dog lover knows that the home broadband and the cat lover, where crazy cat lovers as much success? There truly is a cat lovers, cats in the uk today by.