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What information about my house should I give my termite company prior to fumigation? How long does a fumigation take? What does the fumigant smell like ?.

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Of course, you and your family will also need to find somewhere else to stay for the duration of the fumigation. Once the house is cleared, the.

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For particularly bad infestations, fumigation may be a necessary step to effectively treat your house. While the gas fumigant used is poisonous to household.

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I've had methyl bromide fumigation in my house (which is more poisonous than vikane) the expert advised to enter the house atleast after 10 hours. As soon you .

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Fumigation (Re-Entry/Certification). Under normal Your home will be inspected by one of our certified technicians to ensure the house is clear prior to re-entry.

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Pest exterminators seal the house under the tent and make it full of poisonous Basically, as far as fumigation is not an easy process and it may cost a lot, this.